Eibe you vergleicht the Roboter to the Busse, IGM would be like Mercedes BENZ des To high capacity and strongness. Das for that you have to pay Ziel hat Gewinn.
Das for several weeks only Ziel, we bietet you 2 IGM Installationen that can weld man big Bände because the hanging Roboter das themselves mounted Ar man X DA Z Gantries an. (see layouts in Fotos, der) ist enclosed
The 2 Töne positioners allow to have big tools and of Lauf, die sind you have relocalisation functions.
Those Installationen, have been bought around 350 k€ have been bought, according to the owners and Ar according to the owners, proposed at lowest price proposed at lowest: 60 k€ first and 110 k€, der Maschinen ist both indentical.