Manufacturer Model Controller Year Hours
Staubli RX 160
Before last generation
CS8C 2014 3200

brand new robots, coming from an installation that never really produced

2 units in HD version ( High Durability = reenforced wirst) and one unit in L version (Long) attention long arm version sold

Acces : 1 710 mm nominal load : 20 kg and 2010mmm/14 Kg for L version

options cables and Input/output deported terminals

connexion beam on upper arm for gripper

teach as option.

Booked 1 week
This product benefits of the 10 Robotique Concept warranties
The “10 Robotique Concept Warranties” means:

  1. Robot having few hours, most the time less than 25000 hours
  2. From 3 to 12 months parts warranty
  3. Always tested by a specialist of the brand of the robot
  4. Possibility of adding or taking off options
  5. Possibility of dynamic reception of the robot
  6. Possibility of added service after sales
  7. Delivery wordwide
  8. A unique interlocutor for the complete project
  9. Possibility of return of the machine within 15 days after the sale
  10. All our robots are stored inside, in a dry area and temperature controlled atmosphere

Those robots have a specific logo on the inserts.

Sector: France